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PAYE Modernisation Update

PAYE Modernisation Update: Employers and Payroll Agents

A new online service will be available shortly which will allow all employees who are subject to PAYE to view their payroll information as submitted to Revenue by their employers.

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Skillnet Ireland Announces New Funding

Skillnet Ireland Announces New Funding for Businesses to Upskill Employees

Up to 2m Fund available for enterprise groups to establish new Skillnet Ireland Learning Networks

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Brexit and your business

Brexit Information and Supports for Your Business

Local Enterprise Office Cavan has a range of supports available to help you address issues raised by Brexit and maximise potential opportunities

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Stamp duty relief

Stamp duty relief on the transfer of land to young trained farmers

The stamp duty manual dealing with relief on the Transfers of land to young trained farmers under section 81AA Stamp Duties Consolidation Act 1999 has been updated

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